Working Out What You Need Out of Your Extra Seating

If you are the one that more often than not hosts the holiday parties, and extended family meals then you are probably in need of extra seats. These are the kinds of chairs that you want to store away, and forget about for the majority of time. But, when you need them, you want them […]

English Country Cottage Decorating Ideas

Combining tradition with modernity, it’s possible to create a functional yet rustic and relaxing home that perfectly reflects the ambience of a charming country cottage. Whether you live in the countryside or simply wish to transform a suburban home into a rural retreat, take a look at these English country cottage decorating tips and ideas. […]

Gifts Kids Can Make to Exchange With Friends and Family

In our family we think it is valuable for our kids to make gifts to give to our relatives, instead of just receiving. That way there is an actual exchange and they begin to understand how fulfilling giving can be. And truth be known, I have seen some genuine delight from those relatives when they […]

The Answer to Your Candle Display Woes

We love all things quick, easy and fabulous and that is exactly what we found in this super idea. How many times have you found that you are the proud owner of candles that do not fit into the candleholders you bought them for? Or what about those candles you just could not pass up […]

Make Clever Storage Solutions a Part of Your Home

All those women you know that seem to have everything under control, and make every task they complete look like it was effortless do not own magic wands, have the ability to wiggle their noses to make wishes come true, or keep a genie in their wardrobe that is doing their bidding. But I can […]

The Most Sensible Way to Get the Perfect Sofas

There is a lot to be said for furniture that you can customise. I know that my daughter in law found the ability to select a couch style, size and fabric based upon her own personal preferences to be exhilarating. Of course having no formal training in design, or art she proclaimed at the start […]

How to Get Stubborn Stains Off of Plastic Containers

Sure, you have an ever-growing collection of plastic food containers, and you have mastered the art of organising them. There are no unpaired tops, or bottoms floating about, and you have the proper size for nearly every item you need to refrigerate or freeze. But, you still fall victim to the stains that can come […]

How to Make Your Gift Wine Stand Apart From the Rest

While everyone else is giving wine to their friends when they are invited to their homes for a meal, you go and raise the bar. No, you do not spend more on the wine, and no you do not flaunt your added touch, it is small but effective. Do this by pairing the wine selection […]

What it Takes to Make a Home Charming

The homes we have lived in in the past have all had a level of charm provided by their age. Neither of us ever were drawn to a newly built home, something we always appreciated that we had in common. So, we have resided in traditional villages, and felt a level of comfort within the […]

How to Clean Candle Wax From Your Rug

With all those candle lit jack o lanterns gracing our homes for Halloween it is definitely a must that you know how to remove candle wax from your carpet. All it takes is one scampering child dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow chasing after another in a flowing princess costume for a pumpkin to take a […]