How to Create the Best of All Family Photos

Most families have a traditional Christmas card photo that they take each year. But, in our clan we also do a Summer family photo. For us it is a much more relaxed, and enjoyable event. To keep it basic I buy a bunch of colour coordinating tops from the Esprit summer wear collection and we each pick any blue jean bottom from our closets that we like. I learned a while back that Esprit has reliable colour codes, which makes pairing up similar patterns with solids. Thus, I do not have to go out and physically hunt for anything. Luckily, each of us is content with whatever I order from that site.

Next, we always gather in a different outdoor location and  bring some music along to put us all in a happy mood. Admittedly, I rarely switch up the tunes because the collection of Beetles songs I put together years ago works for us all, and seems like a requirement now. I secretly hope this does not change as the children grow up, but as long as one of them volunteers to be responsible for the new additions I might be surprised to find that we can all enjoy the new pieces too.

Anyway, I have to say that these summer shots are more popular in our house than the formal Christmas ones are. And that is precisely why I recommend making your very own also. Just remember the key ingredients are casual attire, natural beauty, and grooving tunes.