An Inexpensive Way to Fix Up Your Kid’s Playroom

So you have a playroom that your children seem to be able to destroy from top to bottom on a regular basis. This can mean that the carpets and rugs have not just seen better days, but need to be removed, and possibly replaced. Well, depending on the age group of your children, replacing the carpet might not be your best bet.

If the kids are old enough to stand on their own, and no longer teeter totter and fall then a good option might to simply paint the concrete that lies beneath the carpet. Sure, people have been doing this for quite some time, but actual concrete paint is a relatively new product. Plus, it comes in tons of colours, is really a snap to apply, and can look darn good.

The space can actually be made more attractive with the addition of the concrete paint, if you do a diligent job, and are creative. Colour selection will be important, but laying out patterns and designs are what will make it stand out as something very special for your kids, so take a look into it and see if it is right for your space.