Dining in Style

Many people love entertaining by having dinner parties for friends and family, if you’re a great cook and enjoy showing off your culinary expertise you will know how important it is not only to have good food on the table but also that your furnishings are comfortable, modern and stylish. For this reason why not […]

Creating the Perfect Family Retreat with Hot Tubs

Though undoubtedly a luxury purchase, hot tubs are not the preserve of the rich and famous. Offering plenty of therapeutic benefits and family fun, the hot tub is actually immensely popular among people from all walks of life; indeed, the hot tub’s main purpose is to provide people with an opportunity to relax and unwind. […]

London districts – the style guide for your living room

London is not only the capital of the United Kingdom. It is also one of the most important and vibrant cities when it comes to fashion, design and culture. London is divided into different districts all having their own character and style. While areas like Mayfair or Chelsea are home to the wealthy investment bankers, […]

Take Heed of The Current Trend in Home Decor

The homeowner who entertains, and does it so well as to inspire others is indeed special. But, to be the complete package, the hostess will not only have supplied guests with a constant stream of delicious drink and food, she will go above and beyond. This means she will not only have designed a comfortable […]

Traveller Trend

The aftermath of the festive season can leave your home looking, and feeling, a little bare, so now is the perfect time to invest in some new soft furnishings and gorgeous accessories to dress it up and bring your contemporary sofas or dining tables back to life. One of the most interesting trends this year […]

Provide Your Guests With Towels to Remember

If you want to be a memorable hostess, then you will definitely need to have soft towels lined up for your guests and whilst you are at it, some pretty homeware finds. Whether you are offering just hand towels, or an entire set for them to bathe with, there softness level is imperative. That, along […]

Finish Bathroom Projects Before the Guests Arrive

During the holiday season many of us will have a ton of people making use of our bathrooms. As such it should not be a room that is ignored, it too should have delightful details and pleasant gestures within. This is no time to shut the door, and hope nobody notices that the bathroom is […]

Classic and Non-traditional Christmas Card Sayings

At our house we are getting ready to prepare our Christmas cards, and as usual there is a lot of hemming and hawing over what they should say. Being the kind of people that send these cards out every year we think it is important not to say the same thing time and time again. […]

What the Best Hosts and Hostesses Know About Appetisers

What the most prepared hosts and hostesses in the world know is that easy appetisers pave the way to a smooth party. It is not about reinventing stuff, or trying something new at the last minute to look hip, or trendy. Add some quick and easy appetiser recipes to your stockpile, and then learn first […]

Outrageously Good Tropical Island Inspired Prawn Kebabs

Liven things up at your next cookout with a tropical Island inspired prawn kebab. This recipe will make juicy, delectable prawns that only take around twenty minutes to whip up. And they have a special ingredient to make things feel truly authentic. Take out a pound of uncooked, peeled prawns, skewers, a large onion, and […]