Can wall tiles make a difference to your kitchen?

The kitchen is an integral and important part of any home. Many families spend a large proportion of their “together time” in the kitchen, whether it is while they are having meals, cooking together, or just relaxing with a cup of tea and a few biscuits. Revamping your¬†kitchen with wall tiles can be a great way to change the feel of your kitchen without going to the expense or trouble of an all-out revamp. Of course, depending on the type and style of kitchen styles that you choose there are various methods on tiling a wall to give it a different feel.

What Should My Tiles Be Made Of?

Your kitchen sees a lot of traffic, so you should always try to choose a hard-wearing tile for your kitchen floor. Porcelain tiles are a classic choice, but natural stone is also highly durable and can bring a warm, rustic look.

What About Size?

In general, small tiles look best in small kitchens, while large tiles can look very well in larger spaces. Small tiles allow you a lot of variation and you can even experiment with a mosaic in your splashback area.

Choosing a Colour

This very much comes down to personal choice, as different colours and finishes of tiles can give a very different look. In general, you should think about the existing design aesthetic and choose colours that complement your fixtures and fittings.
- Pure white tiles
If you are concerned about hygiene pure white tiles can be a good choice as they will show up every speck of dirt. However, this can be quite a clinical look, so consider alternating with bold primary colours for contrast.
- Black tiles
For a chic, modern look black tiles can’t be beaten, especially when combined with shiny chrome appliances. Bear in mind that this colour choice needs good lighting and a large space to avoid looking claustrophobic.
- Warm beige and terracotta
This classic colour scheme conjures visions of warmth and cosiness. A family kitchen with wooden tables and chairs will always feel homey with this choice.
- Rustic stone tiles
If you are going for a country-kitchen look then natural stone tiles make a beautiful backdrop to your kitchen.
- A statement wall
Tiles in a bold bright red along one of the walls of your kitchen will draw the eye and serve as a focal point. Try not to go overboard – this scheme works best in a limited area.