English Country Cottage Decorating Ideas

Combining tradition with modernity, it’s possible to create a functional yet rustic and relaxing home that perfectly reflects the ambience of a charming country cottage. Whether you live in the countryside or simply wish to transform a suburban home into a rural retreat, take a look at these English country cottage decorating tips and ideas. […]

Traveller Trend

The aftermath of the festive season can leave your home looking, and feeling, a little bare, so now is the perfect time to invest in some new soft furnishings and gorgeous accessories to dress it up and bring your contemporary sofas or dining tables back to life. One of the most interesting trends this year […]

Clearing the Way for a Quick House Sale

The property market in 2012 is seemingly very hard to predict. Some experts are saying it could have a struggle on its hands whereas others think the time to invest could be now. But one thing remains the same. If your house is on the market you have to showcase it. It’s no longer your […]

Provide Your Guests With Towels to Remember

If you want to be a memorable hostess, then you will definitely need to have soft towels lined up for your guests and whilst you are at it, some pretty homeware finds. Whether you are offering just hand towels, or an entire set for them to bathe with, there softness level is imperative. That, along […]

Benefits of Buying Over Renting

The notion of owning your own home is very British. With one of the highest property owning rates in the world, there’s no doubt about it – us Brits just love the property market. No matter how many booms or busts it enjoys or suffers we continue to strive to be homeowners. But it can […]