Make Clever Storage Solutions a Part of Your Home

All those women you know that seem to have everything under control, and make every task they complete look like it was effortless do not own magic wands, have the ability to wiggle their noses to make wishes come true, or keep a genie in their wardrobe that is doing their bidding. But I can […]

The Fast and Effective Way to Get Wines Chilled

Having been brought up in the era where we were taught that if a dinner guest brings you a gift of wine you should serve it that same evening, I just can’t break that habit. I have always found the giver to be particularly pleased that it is being shared. Well, that is unless they […]

Why a Leather Sofa is the Sensible Choice for First Time Furniture Buyers

When my husband and I first met, we were both at university and had our own flats. He lived with three other mates and the majority of their furniture consisted of a black leather sofas, a matching recliner and a twin bed for each of them. The couch was their pride and joy, but unfortunately […]